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Self Directed IRA

Why Most Investors Prefer Self Directed Solo 401k Pension Plan

Self Directed Solo 401k pension plan is one of the most viable and productive ways to invest your money for retirement. There are numerous reasons for choosing this type of retirement plan if you have a small business or self-employed. Most importantly, it is what most investors want because it helps them make the most out of the best retirement plan for small businesses.

Solo 401 k Benefits

There are various upsides and perks you can get if you choose to invest your money using Individual 401k plan offered by Sense Financial. One of the upsides which most plan holders find very convenient is the Checkbook Control feature. This means that the retirement funds you have could be maximized and used for investment with ease and hassle-free processes. Unlike with self directed IRA you don’t have to go through the lengthy process of submitting Buy Direction Letter and signing numerous documents. Investing with truly self directed Solo 401kPlan is as simple as writing a check. Retirement money can be invested into non-traditional assets such as real estate, mortgage notes, precious metals, private business and much more. When you investment your Solo 401k retirement plan funds, you get to do it in a tax-free or tax-deferred environment.

Important Points about Individual 401 k Pension Plan

There are several important points you should know and understand in order to maximize your investment experience:

  • You can contribute up to $57,500 annually to your plan which is nearly ten times more than the Traditional or Roth IRA
  • If you have a spouse involved in the business – he or she can also participate so you can virtually double the contributions
  • You can invest into various investment opportunities especially real estate such as single family rentals, multi-unit apartments, commercial and even out of country real estate
  • You do not need a custodian to give you the consent or administer your account because as a trustee, you can do that yourself. This provides you with the checkbook control over your account and eliminates delays and fees associated with the custodian
  • You have the ultimate and total control of your pension fund and you can use it for investment with Checkbook Control feature

Your retirement is when you can enjoy your hard earned money and even boost its value through feasible investments. The key is to use the right vehicle. A Solo 401 k pension plan could help you make it happen.

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